AV Product Packages That Help Integrators Solve COVID-19-Related Problems

Published: 2020-05-13

We’ve seen a number of integrators help their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. But they aren’t the only ones in the Pro AV chain who’ve worked to provide tech solutions: manufacturers have also released coronavirus-specific AV product packages aimed at helping solve specific needs during the crisis.

Two of the most common areas we’re seeing product innovations in is remote work and restaurant environments.

But this collection of timely product packages also serves the House of Worship, Education, Retail, and Hospitality vertical markets.

Every key market in the pro AV world has changed dramatically, but it’s good to know that manufacturers have responded with price-competitive, convenient packages which allow installers to provide timely solutions.


Click here to see the slideshow of COVID-related products

Critically, it’s become increasingly clear is that these AV product packages aren’t just relevant during a public health crisis. The effects of the virus have made it obvious that remote work and efficient, touchless operations has a place in modern business no matter the context. And your customers will want those after all of this blows over.

Additional resources for integrators during (& after) COVID-19:


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