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Welcome to AV+, your weekly source for integration industry news for the week of December 20, 2021:

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Our guests today are Henning Kaltheuner, head of market intelligence at d&b audiotechnik, and Richard Bugg, digital product solutions architect at Meyer Sound. Both of them work actively with the Avnu Alliance, which is shepherding Milan, a standards-based deterministic network protocol for real time media.

Kaltheuner and Bugg join Dan Ferrisi, editor-in-chief of Commercial Integrator, to discuss the latest developments with Avnu Alliance, including a new, more simplified Milan certification process.

Stories of the Week:

Here’s what’s happening around Commercial Integrator this week:

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The term “pro AV” doesn’t do justice to the whole integration crowd, so we at Commercial Integrator wanted to create a pro AV podcast that speaks to all of those areas (and more!) under the umbrella of commercial technology integration.

The host, editor-in-chief Dan Ferrisi, is looking forward to providing listeners with an entertaining, informative forum for all topics affecting the commercial AV industry.

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