Pro AV News… If Buzzfeed Wrote the Headlines

What would our website look like if we covered pro AV news and other AV industry trends the way Buzzfeed writes its headlines?

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Pro AV News… If Buzzfeed Wrote the Headlines

We don’t foresee the good folks at Buzzfeed taking on pro AV news anytime soon (if you don’t know what Buzzfeed is, perhaps this isn’t the article for you, but click here just to be sure).

Sure, sometimes they talk about technology, but for the most part, it’s consumer tech; not anything of significance to the AV industry.

But while you can’t expect one of the most popular websites on the internet to cover matrix switchers and AV over IP, maybe you SHOULD expect us, a Pro AV News website, to cover things from the point of view of Buzzfeed’s biggest readership market: young people.

After all, you could argue that the Pro AV industry’s biggest problem is that people under 30 aren’t really in touch with commercial tech, despite them having just the right skill sets for it, generally.

So we thought we’d take a cue from Buzzfeed and turn some of our own AV industry headlines into Buzzfeed-style headlines.

Yes, it’s silly, and no, we’re not seriously suggesting that we do this on-the-reg; or even that Millennials and Gen-Z’ers would follow us if we did. These takes on pro AV news are done with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Submit your best “young-person-style” AV industry headline in the comments!


Original: Samsung Unveils New SMART Signage Technologies at CES 2016

Buzzfeed-Style: Samsung Just Dropped a New OLED TV And I’m Screaming


Original: Netrix Lands AV as a Service Contract for 110 Conference Rooms

Buzzfeed-Style: Uh, Hi Netrix, How Does It Feel to be at the Top of the Conference Room Game?


Original: Video Collaboration: Where It’s Going and How to Get There 

Buzzfeed-Style: Stop, Video Collaboration! We’re Trying to Keep Up But You’re Like Usain Bolt! 


Original: What Alan Brawn, AV Vet of Over 30 Years, Is Excited to Say: Episode 28 of AV+

Buzzfeed-Style: Listen Up, AV Peeps, It’s Ya Boi, Brawn


Original: Here’s Why It’s OK to Vent About AV Being Underappreciated

Buzzfeed-Style: This Life-Affirming AVTweep Finally Gives Us Permission to Vent and I’m THERE. FOR. IT.


Original: Trends in Hotel Room Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

Buzzfeed-Style: There’s AI in My Hotel Room, and Honestly Guys, I’m Not Sure How I Feel!


Original: 21 Extinct and Outdated Office Technologies… and What Replaced Them

Buzzfeed-Style: Can You Tell The Difference Between a Rolodex and a Floppy Disk? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Original: Are You Missing What’s Most Important in Your Client’s Digital Signage RFPs? Take the Quiz

Buzzfeed-Style: You Tell Us Your Favorite Color, We Tell You If You’ll Smash Your Next Sales Proposal


Original: Alexa for Business Adding Conference Room Booking Feature

Buzzfeed-Style: ‘Alexa, Book Me That Conference Room, Girlfriend!’



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