AV+ Podcast: Jay Phillips on Disruptive Innovation, the Ascension of SaaS

Episode #193
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On This Episode of AV+

On this episode of the Commercial Integrator AV+ podcast, Dan Ferrisi, host and editor-in-chief, chats with Jay Phillips, chief revenue officer at Userful, on disruptive innovations, platform-based approaches and software-as-a-service models in this podcast.

Here, the duo discuss the following:

  • What is a platform approach and why it’s important (2:27)
  • Software-as-a-Service and the future (4:55)
  • What’s happening in the cloud and how it’s disrupting the industry (6:16)
  • How to be more of thought leader and embrace disruption (14:29)
  • Open Standards and the AV industry landscape (16:48)
  • Supply Chain (24:44)
  • How integrators can modernize their approach to attract enterprise organizations (27:12)

Watch or listen to the discussion in full below.

Top Stories of the Week

Here’s what’s happening around Commercial Integrator this week

  • Each year, Commercial Integrator asks for feedback from the custom integration market to create its annual State of the Industry Report. We only have a few days left to collect responses, so we’d love for you to take a few minutes and answer our survey on how your business did in 2022 and what you expect in 2023. In appreciation of your help, a randomly chosen survey participant will win a $100 Amazon gift card! Take the 2023 State of the Industry survey.
  • Commercial Integrator spends a lot of time doing the serious work of helping integrators run their businesses better. However, as the holiday season approaches, our editorial team wants to have a little fun. If you ever socialize as part of the #avtweeps community, you know that we enjoy chuckling over a good #AVFail. You know what we’re talking about, right? Think of all those images saved in your Photos app….Send your best #AVFail images to
  • View the webinar recording of “Risk-Mitigation Strategies for the Supply Chain” with guests from NSCA, AVI-SPL and Sport View Technologies. There’s no silver bullet to simply “fix” current supply-chain issues, but integration business owners can mitigate the risks they face and, in the process, enhance both client relationships and profitability. Watch the recording!
  • As everyone in commercial AV knows, integration businesses are wrestling with challenges. Yet, some manufacturers and distributors are rising to the occasion and executing creative strategies to help. Check out this year’s list of Quest for Quality Winners and what they had to stay about their win!

The Commercial Integrator Podcast

The term “pro AV” doesn’t do justice to the whole integration crowd, so we at Commercial Integrator wanted to create a pro AV podcast that speaks to all the areas (and there are many!) under the umbrella of commercial technology integration.

The host, Commercial Integrator editor-in-chief Dan Ferrisi, is looking forward to providing listeners with an entertaining, informative forum for all topics affecting the commercial AV industry.

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