AV+ Podcast: Mike Pedersen on 4K and 8K Fever

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On This Episode of AV+

On this episode of the Commercial Integrator AV+ podcast, Dan Ferrisi, host and editor-in-chief, chats with Iowa State’s Mike Pedersen about 4K and 8K fever. Why are so many people focused on resolution, as opposed to other specs and features?

Here, the duo discusses the following:

  • Why 4K and 8K specs are so buzzy in the display world (1:36)
  • What are the limits of human visual acuity? (3:53)
  • Applications where 4K and 8K add value (6:00)
  • High Dynamic Range vs. Standard Dynamic Range (7:46)
  • Is Content King? (13:30)
  • Best practices for being a consultative strategic partner (16:20)
  • ..and much more!

Watch or listen to the discussion in full below.

Top Stories of the Week

Here’s What’s Happening Around Commercial Integrator This Week

  • Entries for our annual Top New Technology Awards, to be announced at ISE 2023, are now open! The program combines both Commercial Integrator’s and sister-site CE Pro’s print publications and websites to recognize the new and outstanding products and services at ISE. Don’t delay in entering! The submission deadline is January 9, 2023.
  • Every year, Commercial Integrator partners with NSCA to offer AV integrators an up-to-date forecast and analysis of the year ahead. And, this time, the need for insight into how to maximize business success in 2023 is more acute than ever. Integrators are, after all, facing a constellation of challenges: rising interest rates, persistent inflation, lingering supply-chain challenges, difficulty attracting and retaining top-tier talent, upward pressure on wages, global conflict and the very real possibility of a looming recession. Now is not the time to wing it! Please join us for a one-hour webinar, which will explore all of those topics, drawing on up-to-the-minute data from CI and NSCA’s annual survey of the integration community.

The Commercial Integrator Podcast

The term “pro AV” doesn’t do justice to the whole integration crowd, so we at Commercial Integrator wanted to create a pro AV podcast that speaks to all the areas (and there are many!) under the umbrella of commercial technology integration.

The host, Commercial Integrator editor-in-chief Dan Ferrisi, is looking forward to providing listeners with an entertaining, informative forum for all topics affecting the commercial AV industry.

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AV+ Podcast Title Slide: Mike Pederson on 4K/8K Fever



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