Top 10 Health Care Market Integrators of 2016
These innovative, market-leading firms offer advice on how to stay at the forefront of this intricate vertical.


July 18, 2016 By Tom LeBlanc

Return on investment (ROI) is usually a major consideration in technology purchases, but not so much in the health care market. Only 21 percent of health care purchasing decision-makers say that ROI is an important factor in their AV technology purchases, according to InfoComm’s End-User Perspective Studies.

That’s because there is a lot more than money at stake in health care integration. The integrators that serve the market are extremely focused on innovative solutions as well as high-level support and service.

Let’s sample some of the 2016 CI Industry Leaders Top 10 health care market integrator’s formulas for success:

Advance Technology’s Rob Simopoulos on remote service:

“Our proactive service model allows our remote engineers to detect and react to hardware failures before the customer identifies that there is a problem. Once detected, our remote engineering team is able to diagnose and often repair the problem remotely without the need to roll a truck. Our customers are benefiting significantly in the limited system downtime and the quick repair we provide through this program.”

Beacon Communications’ Brad Walsh on health care market trends:

“The primary demand we’re seeing is based around work-flow and the overall patient experience. Our strong presence in the areas of IT and clinical workflow put Beacon in excellent position to succeed … Having a clinical presence within our organization has given us the opportunity to have a different conversation with our clients.”

All Systems Designed Solutions’ Scott Lord on elevated communication needs:

“The health care market is by far the strongest for nurse call and emergency communication applications. The greatest demand from the industry is integrated alerts to multimedia devices as well as quality reporting of alerts and events.”

Compview’s Tami Zeidlhack on internal processes:

“[Growth in markets including health care] has required us to build systems and training programs focused on the development of our human capital. A key program for our success has been the establishment of a Project Management Office in our Systems Integration group. This function develops processes, systems, training, and provides auditing for our major projects. It is an investment in building our culture, focused on our people and systems, to drive project success and outstanding customer service.”

AVI’s Kelly Perkins on training:

“Human capital development is a huge initiative for AVI in 2016. We’re building a learning center in the space next to our headquarters in Minneapolis and implementing an internal LMS [learning management system] …We’ve licensed the entire InfoComm curriculum and will have it hooked into our LMS systems. A mentorship program is also in the works.”

Advanced AV’s Marina Gregory on choosing paths to success:

“[We’re focused on] strategic planning of which specific clients we should pursue by matching up our employee experience and strengths to meet those client needs. By evaluating opportunities and placing an emphasis on the proper match of projects, the Advanced AV teams can appropriately provide value to the client.”

DGI Communications’ Darby DeChristopher on its unique approach to health care:

“[DGI] offers audio/visual, hospital communication systems and structured cabling systems. Our team can design, implement and continually support presentation systems, integrated audio systems, streaming media and unified communication solutions.”

Check out the complete report: Meet the 2016 CI Industry Leaders

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