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5 Pro AV Cameras from InfoComm 2017

The InfoComm 2017 show floor contained no shortage of Pro AV cameras — CI editors choose some of the best they saw while there.

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5 Pro AV Cameras from InfoComm 2017
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Our recurring coverage of InfoComm 2017 couldn’t be complete without mentioning the vast array of Pro AV cameras which zoomed in on and connected with so many attendees. It’s no surprise to see so many cameras at InfoComm, though: as IP camera use increases, their utility for purposes such as safety monitoring, industrial operations monitoring, traffic monitoring and general situational awareness increases as well.

IP, conference, and Pro AV cameras have made enormous gains in image quality, resolution and frame rate in a very short time. Today, it is not uncommon to see video resolutions of 20 megapixels or greater at frame rates of 15 to 30 fps, and the competition keeps pushing those numbers higher. Their diversity allows for market expansion in another impactful category: collaboration, a huge topic at InfoComm 2017 itself.

The Logitech MeetUp stood out for more than its looks. The conference camera is designed for small conference rooms and increasingly popular huddle rooms.

More from Logitech on the MeetUp conference camera:

Small conference rooms are growing in popularity, and MeetUp rises to the challenge. It provides superb resolution, color balance, detail, and audio in tight spaces. With the included wall mount and compact design that minimizes cable clutter, MeetUp optimizes the huddle room experience. Our free mobile app (available on Google Play and iTunes) turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for MeetUp. Add accessories such as the Logitech Expansion Mic and TV Mount for different room sizes and configurations.

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While many Pro AV camera players were on the scene at InfoComm, a few managed to impress our editors enough to mention them for this list.

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