Avnu Alliance Expands Plugfest in Europe

Published: July 14, 2022

Avnu Alliance, the Beaverton, Ore.-based industry forum driving deterministic capabilities into open, standards-based networking, hosted its first European plugfest on May 16-20, 2022. It held the plugfest at one of its Registered Test Facilities, GRL Laboratories in Karlsruhe, Germany. Per a statement, 12 Avnu member companies — with more than 30 participating engineers — came together to further develop and test TSN products and devices, along with new devices now able to be certified under the Advanced Milan Certification Program.

During the plugfest, Avnu members continued work on the integration and validation of IEEE 802.1AS time synchronization test development, with the certification program targeted to open for members this year. This will lay the framework for time distribution, including media specific support for Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

The plugfest testing also included the introduction of initial Wireless TSN test development over Wi-Fi, as well as the introduction of initial 802.1Qbv/.3br wired test for bounded latency through traffic shaping and scheduling with the certification program targeted to open for members by the end of this year. Data from this plugfest event will be used to refine these test plans, says the organization.

This plugfest was the first since the Milan Advanced Certification Program opened certification testing for bridged end stations, Pro Audio end devices with a small bridge that meet Milan specifications. According to Avnu, members with those devices were also welcomed to participate with their devices and will be invited to future plugfests.

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“Our most recent plugfest demonstrates Avnu’s continued momentum and growth in making pre-certification and certification testing easier and faster for member companies,” says Ed Agis, Certification Work Group co-chair. “We are committed to helping manufacturers who are implementing TSN ensure interoperability.”

Avnu Alliance’s next plugfest is planned for July 2022, according to a statement.

Warm Reception

“As a company we get a lot of benefits from the plugfests. This latest one was no exception and GRL did an excellent job hosting. We will definitely participate in future events,” states Morten Lave, Adamson Systems Engineering.

Richard Bugg, digital products solutions architect, Meyer Sound, also comments on the importance of plugfests. He notes, “Certification for compliance is very important for users to know that devices will ‘just work out of the box.’ Plugfests allow an easy way to quickly find rare edge cases before customers discover them. And they are a way to share ideas and solutions within the open standards community.”

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