Media Vision Releases TAIDEN G3 Multimedia Conference System with Strategic Price

Published: May 5, 2017
Media Vision's TAIDEN G3 Multimedia Conference System

Known by many as a provider of robust audio conferencing solutions, Media Vision is bringing that expertise to smaller applications with its TAIDEN G3 Multimedia Conference System which it’s now listing at what the company calls “a very attractive price point” and is targeted at “all meeting facilities that need to offer individual displays, such as government council chambers and corporate training centers.”

[related] The conferencing system comes with either a 10- or 14-inch tablet-like touchscreen and line array microphone and has been completely redesigned, according to a Media Vision press release.

A new G3 multimedia terminal adds an installation-friendly Power over Ethernet (PoE) option and an 8MP onboard camera.

“The annotation feature is particularly useful and simple to use; in presentation it is critical for all to be able to collaborate and draw attention to specific details,” says Wesley Sutliff, director of product management, Media Vision.

The TAIDEN G3 Multimedia Conference System announcement comes as Media Vision releases a new price list for authorized dealers.


More from Media Vision on its New Price List:

The new Media Vision price list also introduces quantity discounts for their assistive listening systems with a set of easy go-to packages, along with a special p

Media Vision's TAIDEN G3 Multimedia Conference System

Media Vision’s TAIDEN G3 Multimedia Conference System

romotion where resellers can get 50% off on multiple packages purchasing. Resellers can thus generate valuable savings for this technology solution that shall be incorporated, as a Government mandate, in the design of most assembly areas.

Expanding beyond conference systems but maintaining the focus on audio intelligibility, Media Vision also introduces the new digital infrared wireless presentation audio system by TAIDEN, TES-5600 Series. This solution serves the purpose of voice amplification for the presenter or instructor with all the advantages of infrared over RF: secure transmissions, no interference between rooms. By using digital modulation, the TAIDEN infrared solution is immune to lightning interferences, and ensures maximum signal pickup.

Pricing has been released for many additional newly developed TAIDEN and Media Vision solutions, to be showcased at the upcoming InfoComm 2017 tradeshow in Orlando. The new price list is available in pdf and xls to import into reseller’s ERP or quoting software. To receive the new price list, please email

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