Extron ShareLink Pro 1000 ‘Intelligent Collaboration Gateway’ Simultaneously Updates 4 Devices

Extron ShareLink Pro 1000 wireless and wired collaboration gateway enables presenters to share content from computers, tablets and smartphones.

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Extron ShareLink Pro 1000 ‘Intelligent Collaboration Gateway’ Simultaneously Updates 4 Devices

Extron recently introduced the ShareLink Pro 1000 wireless and wired collaboration gateway, which company officials say “enables anyone to present content from their computers, tablets, or smartphones onto a display for easy collaboration.”

ShareLink Pro 1000 “supports simultaneous display of up to four devices, including an HDMI-connected device, and dynamically updates the display layout as new content is shared or removed,” according to the Extron press release.

The ShareLink Pro 1000’s HDMI input supports wired connections from any connected source.

ShareLink Pro 1000 has collaboration and moderator modes that facilitate both open and restrictive environments, according to the Extron press release. When used with Extron GVE – GlobalViewer Enterprise software, multiple units can be managed across an enterprise or campus.

“The growing popularity of collaborative environments has led to the need for greater flexibility in how users share content,” says Casey Hall, VP of sales and marketing for Extron. “ShareLink Pro 1000 was created so that users can collaborate using most any device, and simultaneously share wired and wireless content on the same screen at the same time, creating even more collaborative environments.”

The ShareLink Pro 1000 facilitates full-screen mirroring for all devices, including Mac and Windows computers and laptops, and Android and Apple tablets and smartphones, displaying the entire screen.

The collaboration gateway includes a fully-customizable welcome screen with multiple configuration options to assist users in connecting their devices and sharing content. A suite of security protocols ensures safe and protected collaboration between user devices and the ShareLink Pro 1000.

In addition, centralized management tools enable simultaneous configuration, firmware updates, management, monitoring, and control of multiple units from one central location. ShareLink Pro’s professional capabilities provide easy integration of AV and mobile devices into meeting, huddle, collaboration and presentation spaces.

Last year, Extron released GlobalViewer Enterprise 2.7, a scalable software package aimed at AV system resource management appropriate for anywhere from five to 5,000 rooms, providing a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control nearly any device over a standard network.