Inside the Mersive InfoComm 2018 Booth: Solstice Kepler a New Take on Meeting Analytics

Published: 2018-06-11

How do you make meeting analytics and monitoring services sexy? Well, the answer to that question may still be far from discovery — but the Mersive InfoComm 2018 booth took a swing with Solstice Kepler.

The monitoring and meeting analytics solution was introduced prior to ISE in February and will officially launch in July. It works kind of like a ridesharing app, insofar as users “rate” their meetings, creating “pattern recognition” of which meetings work and why, says Mersive.

Solstice Kepler creates these meeting analytics around data focusing on who is in a meeting room; who is sharing; what they are sharing; where they are sharing from; what applications they are using, etc.

Mersive also exhibited updates to their Solstice system. Users can now use any device to share content to any screen within the system.

CTO and founder Christopher Jaynes gave Commercial Integrator a tour of the Mersive InfoComm booth.

“We’ve re-thought the whole annotating process,” he says. “You bring this thing [gesturing to a cell phone] with you to every meeting, anyway. Why not use it?”

Watch the video above for more information on Solstice Kepler and the Mersive InfoComm 2018 booth.

More on Solstice Kepler from Mersive CEO Robert Balgley:

All the data’s going to be anonymous, but what it’s going to do is it’s going to create pattern recognition. We’re going to be able to develop over time kind of a gold standard, a best practice, of what works best.

In other words, think about scoring the meeting afterwards, kind of like you do for a ride service like Uber or Lyft. You’re going to be able to say, “Well, that was a 3-star meeting,” or, “That was a 5-star meeting.”

Over time, you’re going to develop a best practice methodology for what works best, what size display works best.

What kind of network bandwidth do you need to do media streaming? What devices do most people share from? Are they sharing from iPads? Are they sharing from Surface Pros? Are they sharing from an Android phone? What are they sharing? How long are they sharing it? How many people are sharing content?

All that data is going to allow us to look more closely at ROI and productivity, which are the two things that drive deployment and get us to a best practice point in time.

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