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16 Digital Signs You’ll Be Thankful You Didn’t Install

It’s the time of the year to give thanks. Here are 12 epic digital signage failures you can be thankful you haven’t witnessed on your projects — we hope!

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Happy Thanksgiving, CI readers. (And a very belated happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers up north.) This year, we wanted to give you something extra to be thankful for.

You might remember the blue screen of death showing its ugly face on the Bankers Life Fieldhouse video board during an Indiana Pacers game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It’s certainly not what ANC Sports had in mind when it installed the 50-foot center-hung behemoth just a couple years ago.

But sometimes mistakes happen, even on the biggest of screens from the best digital signage manufacturers and integrators.

In an update from ANC Sports, Jerry Cifarelli, president and chief executive officer, explained the malfunction.

“During halftime of last night’s Pacers game ANC experienced a hardware failure in the video server that feeds the sideline video screens at Bankers Life Fieldhouse,” said Cifarelli. “The resulting Windows error message should not have been fed out to the video screens. Additional fail-safe measures are being implemented so that this will not happen again.”

It’s certainly not the only technological glitch in need of a few extra fail-safe measures. We bring you 16 epic digital signage failures that will make you thankful this holiday that all your systems and technology are working smoothly.

So put your feet up, grab some turkey and potatoes, and check out this gawk-worthy slideshow of the most hilarious incidents of the blue screen of death… and other absurdities.

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