CI Fantasy Football League: Week 8 Results and In-Depth Analysis

Published: 2018-10-30

We know you’ve probably been wrapped up in watching the Boston Red Sox win the 2018 World Series and might have forgotten about the all-important world of CI Fantasy Football. The good news for you is we’ve got your recap of all the action on the pretend gridiron here.

We’re now eight weeks into the 2018 CI Fantasy Football season and we’re definitely getting a clearer idea of which teams will be contending for a fake championship in a few short weeks.

What’s amazing is we’ve still got one team left who can’t quite figure out how to win a matchup (sorry, 0-8 Windy City Wire) and AVI-SPL and Database Works boast the best overall teams among our 54 entries with 7-1 records.

Here’s a closer look at the CI Fantasy Football standings:

Group 1 Commissioner: Ray Lyons Wins-Losses
Diversified 6-2
T1V 6-2
Speco Technologies 5-3
Z-Wave 5-3
Savi Controls 5-3
Waveguide 5-3
Vanco 4-4
Canon Projectors 3-5
My Team’s Better (CI) 3-5
DigiDaybook 3-5
Digital Projection 2-6
You Need Brand Definition 1-7


CI Commisioner Trash Talk: Perhaps it’s time for our commissioner to change his team name as he was the victim in the first CI Fantasy Football win of the season for You Need Brand Definition.

The top of the standings is getting more interesting with six teams within one game of the top spot. The marquee matchup of the week saw T1V topple Diversified to earn a share of the league lead.

Group 2 Commissioner: Shawn Tobin Wins-Losses
Winning as a Service (AVI-SPL) 7-1
Team Mercil (SureCall) 6-2
Banner Clique (CI) 5-3
La Grange Park Perfect Pixels (NEC) 5-3
Magic Skol Bus (Klipsch) 5-3
HDBaseT-Pain (AVI Systems) 5-3
TecNec Titans (TecNec) 4-4
WC BigTime (D-Tools) 4-4
Team Wicka (LG) 3-5
Run Like A Gurley 2-6
Team Shelby (Viewsonic) 2-6
Ugh Can’t Win (Windy City Wire) 0-8


CI Commissioner Trash Talk: The NFL’s lack of defense was on display this week with 8 of 12 teams topping the 100-point plateau. HDBaseT-Pain edged out Run Like a Gurley 113-111, while TecNec Titans took down Team Shelby 110-106. Winning as a Service gave the La Grange Park Perfect Pixels their third straight loss by a cringeworthy 129-62 margin to maintain control of the top spot with a 7-1 record.

Group 3 Commissioner: Craig MacCormack Wins-Losses
Rolls Royce (Jim Caldwell-Maximus Control) 6-2
Mac Daddies (Craig MacCormack-CI) 6-2
Team Guhl (Jennifer Guhl-ANC) 6-2
A Case of the Mondays (Matt Camps-NETECH Corporation) 6-2
Team Sansivero (Gina Sansivero-AtlasIED) 5-3
The Lukes O Hazzard (Luke Jordan-EAVI) 3-5
Team Means (Jimmy Means) 2-6
Guns N Rosens (James Ballard-Orbis) 2-6
Team Durham (Scott Durham-Yorktel) 2-6
Team Donnelly (Ryan Donnelly-Third Coast Tech) 2-6


CI Commisioner Trash Talk: It’s getting crowded at the top of the CI Fantasy Football Group 3 standings. We’ve got 4 of our 10 teams tied for the best record at 6-2 and Team Sansivero only one game back at 5-3. The battle for the league’s worst record is also pretty fierce with four teams tied with 2 wins apiece.

Rolls Royce knocked A Case of the Mondays out of the driver’s seat with a 133-76 dismantling, while Team Guhl won the battle of New Yorkers with a convincing 130-88 win over Team Sansivero. Maybe Gina was distracted by the responsibilities of her new job with AtlasIED this week.

Group 4 Commissioner: Tom LeBlanc Wins-Losses
Skol Vikings (AVI Systems) 6 – 2
Can You Diggs It (Human Circuit) 6 – 2
Team Pearson (CTG) 4 – 4
Team Luisi (Diversified) 4 – 4
Team LeBlanc (Commercial Integrator 4 – 4
Team Ackerman ( Rock-It Audio Video) 4 – 4
Team Wells (CCS Presentation) 3 – 5
Philly Special (Ovation) 3 – 5
Team Gasparo (Wyrestorm) 3 – 5
Ypsilanti Jesses (Midtown Video) 3 – 5


CI Commisioner Trash Talk: It what will go down as a classic clash of AV titans, the league’s top two teams — Skol Vikings and Can You Diggs It ?!? — faced one another. Can You Diggs It ?!?, riding the success of Sammy Watkins’ and Marvin Jones Jr.’ 30-plus points each, managed to squeak by with a 164.5 to 148 win. These teams may meet again in the playoffs (unless I can figure out a way to rig the system).

Group 5 Commissioner: Chelsea Cafiero Wins-Losses
2 Gurleys One Cup (Database Works) 7-1
Team Schutzer (Opt Online) 6-2
The Evil Empire (Rock Electric) 5-3
Nebraska Taco Corp (Schaefers TV) 5-3
Smiling Mallards (InFocus Tech) 4-4
Bitter Donkey’s (InfoCor) 3-5
South Central Mud Dogs (Electrosonic) 3-5
Mr. McGibblets (CI) 3-5
Team HiBoost (HiBoost) 2-6
Team Wynn (Thomas Communications) 2-6


CI Commissioner Trash Talk: Even when teams in this league play well, they can’t out-score Team Schutzer (129.9 points this week) or 2 Gurleys (160.2). Their opponents this week, Team HiBoost (99.2) and The Evil Empire (112.7), had high scores that could’ve been a win in any other matchup, but not against these machines. I meant to trash talk, but honestly… respect. And that brings us to Week 9. Everybody else, let’s go boys. It’s not over yet.

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