Matrox Video’s Rob Moodey Talks AVoIP, IPMX & More

Published: March 7, 2024

In this exclusive conversation, Matrox Video’s Rob Moodey chats with Commercial Integrator about AV-over-IP, as well as the continued ascendance of IPMX as a likely pathway to standards-based interoperability in our industry.

According to Moodey, who is manager, strategic partnerships, Matrox Video, the industry is increasingly embracing IPMX and other standards-based approaches. Indeed, as AV-over-IP adoption grows, this will become even more the case. IPMX in particular has seen very quick adoption by the fast-growing LED display sector.

Matrox Video is of course, a manufacturer of video products and components for the broadcast and media, live entertainment and professional AV/IT markets.

This conversation stems from CI’s AV-over-IP Deep Dive, which launched this month. Both with the Deep Dive and here, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of emerging trends from category leaders. The Deep Dive thus covers topics ranging from the state of the market to what’s powering AVoIP’s popularity. The report also gives an insight to the most compelling benefits and lingering areas of concern.

Watch the just-under-eight-minute video with Rob Moodey of Matrox Video below.

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