CI Fantasy Football Leagues Ready to Kick Off for 2018 Season

Published: 2018-08-20

We’re still getting used to living in a world where the New England Patriots did not with the Super Bowl, but we know that’s not the real meaning of fantasy football. For the third straight year, CI is inviting manufacturers and integrators to challenge us and their peers to a fun season of matching wits and trading verbal barbs as part of CI Fantasy Football.

Whether you won your CI Fantasy Football league last year, struggled to overcome the mighty CI editorial and sales staff or have always dreamed of earning bragging rights over your competitors for something more than your products and services, this is an opportunity to strut your stuff and prove your worth on the fantasy gridiron.

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But, as much fun as we know it could be to have someone from every company in the integration world represented in a CI Fantasy Football league, we don’t have unlimited space and have set aside 72 spaces for this year’s competition.

How CI Fantasy Football works…

Each manufacturer and integrator will be matched up with someone from the CI editorial or sales staff and make it his or her mission to knock us down a peg or two. [related]

In addition to your humble two-time league champion/editor-at-large, CI will be once again represented by editor-in-chief Tom LeBlanc, publisher Ray Lyons and sales reps Chelsea Grater-Cafiero and Shawn Tobin, with other EH Media staffers possibly joining the fray as well.

Each manufacturer and integrator who signs up by Friday, Aug. 24 will be assigned to a league that includes one CI rep.

We’ll plan to draft our teams on next week and then wait patiently for the 2018 season to kick off in the city of brotherly love on Thursday, Sept. 6, when the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans cap the celebration of their inexplicable Super Bowl LII victory over the vaunted Patriots.

The winner in each league will earn a fabulous prize and of course be the subject of unending fame and adulation, or at least get a bit of an ego boost.

For those who are worried you have to know everything about every team in the NFL to excel in the CI Fantasy Football League, fret not. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to know a little something about the NFL, we won’t make you take a test to prove you qualify for the league.

So, are you ready for some (fantasy) football?

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