5 Content Management Solutions for Digital Signage Systems

Published: 2014-08-20

Digital signage has become a great way for your customers to inform visitors of their mission, greet them when they come to the door, and add an overall wow factor to their corporate lobbies and communal spaces.

A recent piece on Corporate Tech Decisions lists five main content management solutions companies can use for digital signage displays. More and more companies in the business of retail, corporate, hospitality, and education are using digital signage to promote their message, and this market will only continue to grow.

Tiled video display systems, multitouch screen systems, and complete video walls are all examples of this new technological phenomenon. But no matter the medium, it’s the content that is most important.

This means more than simply running a ten-minute video on loop throughout the day. Companies want to create content that engages viewers; this may include social media, company schedules, sales, welcome messages and creative marketing strategies. Helping your clients purchase and install the right content system for them can make all the difference.

This slideshow gives you five things to consider when integrating content management solutions into digital signage displays.

If your clients are puzzled about which system might be right for them, point them towards this article on to learn from an end user’s point of view how to incorporate these technologies.

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